Spectra_w_Monitor_NewSiteSpectra™ is the latest advancement in cavity detection available to the dental community. Spectra™ is a small hand-held device that emits a high energy, violet-blue light. When projected on the tooth surface the light waves causes healthy tooth enamel to fluoresce green and compromised enamel to fluoresce red. This technology allows Dr. Christy and Dr. Balsis to detect decay at a very early stage, before it is visible to the naked eye, and before it has a chance to cause significant tooth damage.

Spectra’s™ advanced technology allows the doctors to take still photos of what they are seeing. These photos can be shared with the patient so they are also able to see any areas of concern. The photos can also be saved to patient’s electronic files and used for treatment management, and treatment progress reports.

During treatment, Dr. Christy and Dr. Balsis use Sprectra™ to determine that all diseased enamel is removed before placing a filling or restoration. This means a healthier, improved outcome for our patients.