Mouth Guards

For our young athlete patients we offer custom mouth guards in lots of cool colors. The custom mouth guards fit comfortably over your child’s teeth to protect them from trauma, breakage, or loss during contact sports such as football, basketball or soccer.

Berrien Dental specifically uses Keystone Industries’ Mouthguards. Pro-Form is the only, pre-made, laminated mouth guard material in the industry and has long been considered the leader in custom-made mouthguards. Pro-Form Mouth Guards are designed to provide the athlete with the superior protection that they require in the pool, on the field, in the ring and on the court. Pro-Form does all of this while still being comfortable, stylish and allowing the athlete to communicate and stay hydrated with ease!

For more information or to get one of these custom mouthguards for you or the athlete in your life, give the doctors at Berrien Dental a call today!