KaVo Soft Tissue Laser

Berrien-Dental LaserA great way to provide highly accurate, intricate treatment minus the possibility of damaging healthy tissue is with the use of a soft tissue dental laser. Given that they don’t require any type of incisions or stitches, soft tissue dental laser treatments can typically be completed without causing pain. An extra benefit from the laser is that it drastically reduces infections because as it takes away tissue it is additionally disinfecting the location at the same time. Best of all recovery time is greatly reduced in comparison with treatments done with a scalpel

Lasers are a quite effective method to address gingivitis or perhaps a gummy smile. Yet again together with the highly accurate control, the dental professional can treat the diseased gum tissue without the trauma to healthy gum tissue. Any time gum surgery to get rid of excess” tissue which overlaps onto the tooth surface is carried out with a laser you will find little swelling and bleeding, and no need for sutures. The process is pretty pain-free and recovery much faster.

Hard Tissue Dental Laser

The hard tissue laser uses a combination of laser power and water to perform numerous dental treatments once undertaken with a dental drill. The hard tissue laser offers us excellent control and precision in treatments allowing for the doctor to conserve healthy tooth structure.

It will not produce the high-pitched noise and vibration of a conventional drill so sessions are much easier for patients. The truth is quite a few individuals find they no longer necessitate anesthesia for quite a few treatments.