Drufomat Scan

Berrien-Drufomat-ScanYou taught you’re kids to look both ways before crossing the road. Why? Because you want them to be safe. It’s the same reason that you insist that they wear the proper protective gear when they play sports.

But did you know that an ill-fitting, over-the-counter mouth guard can be worse than not wearing one at all? Yes. Experts agree that a one-size-fits-all mouthguard can be so ineffective that it is actually more dangerous than not wearing one.

Your child isn’t a replaceable widget and they don’t need a cookie cutter mouthguard. That’s why we use the exclusive Drufomat Scan. The sophisticated Drufomat Scan System custom crafts high quality, removable dental appliances such as sports mouthguards, retainers, nightguards and more.

Don’t trust your child’s safety to anything less than the best. Call these local dentists today for an appointment and sleep better tonight knowing your child is safe.