Are you ready to Chalk The Doc?!?!

ARE YOU EXCITED to Chalk The Doc? At Berrien Dental, WE ARE!!!    We like to have fun in our practice, and with your participation, we’re going to help Drs. Balsis and Christy welcome in summer with an explosion of color! This month, when you come to either of our offices, you’ll have a chance to help […]

Night Guards For Teeth Grinding

HAVE YOU EVER woken up with a sore jaw, tooth pain, or a headache? These are common symptoms of sleep bruxism, or teeth-grinding. The American Dental Association estimates that 10-15 percent of adults struggle with sleep bruxism, and children can experience it too. Because it happens during sleep, it can be difficult to control or stop. One way […]

The Different Types Of Teeth

YOU’VE PROBABLY NOTICED that your teeth aren’t all the same shape, but do you know the reason? Humans have four different types of teeth, and they each serve specific purposes, both in helping us chew and in giving us our beautiful smiles! Types Of Teeth And What They Do The reason we need so many different types […]

Why Straight Teeth?

TO SOME, IT MIGHT seem like the benefits of having straight teeth are purely cosmetic. And those benefits certainly do exist. Studies have shown that people tend to perceive someone with straight teeth as wealthier, happier, and more dateable than someone with crooked teeth. But there are plenty of other important benefits as well. Consequences Of Crooked Teeth […]

Your Pet’s Dental Health

YOU MIGHT BE TEMPTED to think that because wild animals can’t do much for their dental hygiene, pets like dogs and cats don’t need dental care either. In reality, keeping your pet’s teeth healthy will help them have a longer, healthier, and happier life! Why Do Pets Need Dental Care? Our pets need dental care […]

Impress Your Friends With Dental Trivia

MOST PEOPLE OUTSIDE of teeth-related professions probably only think about their teeth when something’s wrong, like when there’s something stuck between them in the middle of a date, they’re sore from a toothache, or they’re stained after drinking coffee or juice. That’s why we thought our patients would appreciate an opportunity to think about teeth […]

Fighting Back Against Oral Cancer

ORAL CANCER IS A SUBJECT we’d all prefer not to have to think about. However, it is critical to have a basic understanding of risk factors and symptoms. More than 50,000 people in the United States were diagnosed with oral cancer last year. Unfortunately, that number is expected to rise. That’s why, in honor of […]

Teaching Your Kids to Floss!

At Berrien Dental, we have always believed that flossing is an essential part of keeping our teeth clean and healthy. The one challenge that we as caregivers and parents have had is: how do we pass this crucial habit on to our children? This is one hurdle of parenting we’re happy to help you clear! Why […]

Back-to-School Dental Check-Up Info

As millions of children head back to school, the American Dental Association (ADA) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) say it is just as important to examine the mouth as the rest of the body, encouraging parents to make dental exams a regular part of their children’s back-to-school routine. So, beat the rush–call us […]

It’s great to get compliments from our patients!!

It’s great to get compliments from our patients!! “Staff was very courteous and the dental hygienist was great. She was professional and cheerful. Thank-you for your consistently great service!” ~timothyn